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Behind the Blue Sticker
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Our Story


For more than 100 years Chiquita has been bringing bananas to the world as a joyful and family-friendly brand, instantly recognizable through the iconic Blue Sticker and Miss Chiquita. Our history shows a consistent commitment to excellence, which we continue with the same passion today.

The United Fruit Company, from which Chiquita originates, was established in 1899. Miss Chiquita was introduced in 1944 and the iconic Blue Sticker first appeared in 1963. In 1990, the company was renamed Chiquita Brands International.

Today, Chiquita is the world's most loved banana.

About us

About us

Chiquita is a leading global company with 20,000 employees across 30 countries. We are passionate about our nutritious, high-quality, energy-rich and value-added bananas.

Chiquita's products are sold in nearly 70 countries around the world. Chiquita Brands International grows, procures, markets and sells bananas and other fresh fruits under the Chiquita brand and other names.

our values

Our Values

 We are passionate about upholding the values which are at the very core of the company - integrity, respect, opportunity and responsibility. 

Our values serve as an ethical compass that provide us with guidance and direction - both for the conduct of our company, as well as for the behaviour of each employee.

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fruit quality

Fruit Quality

Quality is in our DNA, from seed to shelf.
Part of the Chiquita difference is our company wide focus on providing premium quality products for our consumers and quality services for our business partners. Our iconic Blue Sticker is the symbol of this quality since 1963.